Interactive AudioBook Reveals How to Make 
$1K In A Day (or more) With Audio 
** without launching a podcast, funnels or even picking up a mic! 🙌🏼

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  • This is a limited time offer!
Get The New Interactive Audiobook HOW TO MAKE $1K IN A DAY WITH AUDIO For Just $1.99!
  • This is a limited time offer!
Get The New Interactive Audiobook HOW TO MAKE $1K IN A DAY WITH AUDIO For Just $1.99!

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Learn In This Interactive AudioBook

Hi, my name is Carla White and I’m the founder of, the #1 "interactive audio" platform for entrepreneurs.

This new interactive audiobook will show you…how to use AUDIO (not video, funnels and membership sites)…to sell content and create repeat buyers…automate nearly everything…and be massively rewarded, just working part-time.
  • My Story: ​How I earned $103K with my first "private podcast"
  • Audio FAST Start Secrets: ​Why you don't need any new content, followers, funnels or ads to get started...
  • Tap Into A $95B Market: ​How audio is outpacing video, a completely BLUE OCEAN, and lets you model breakthroughs created by TRILLION DOLLAR businesses...
  • Living On Your Own Terms: ​The same methods I used to scale my coaching business while I had time and freedom to be with my family and just have fun…in fact, it's so incredible, I made just to make it all EASIER




#1 Marketing Expert
"What Carla is doing is amazing and will help a lot of people with both Hiro and her trainings!"

Kiana Danial

TikTok Star & Invest Diva
"This is a legit. I can't stress that enough. If you can hit 'record', you can do this."

Nina Rocco

Top Fitness Coach
"Going from a gym owner to online coach was scary...but this right here was so simple!"

Eileen Wilder

Sought After $1M Speaker
"Carla is so smart! She sees things that most people miss. Listen to her because it will change your life."




6 & 7 Figure Coach
"Many of my prospects don't have time for Zoom calls. This unlock a whole new market."


Catholic Marriage Coach
"It works! We made enough to pay for a year of Hiro subscription in one day!"

Nellie Corriveau

CEO, Wealthy Queen Movement
"You take old content and you turn it into MOOLA! It's sooo GOOD!!"



This is a limited time offer!

This new interactive audiobook will show you how to make $1K (or more)  in a day by leveraging the $95B audio market…without creating a podcast, funnel, or even picking up a mic.
*** Disclaimer - I want to be 100% transparent, before you grab my audiobook. This has nothing to do with "Getting Rich Quick", MLM's, Work at Home, or Employment Opportunities. This is for serious people trying to build a real business that are willing to roll up their sleeves and work. There are also NO Guarantees you will make any money or get any results. This is for educational purposes only. ***

UNLOCK the secret HOW TO 
Profit from audio in a day

  • How to transform old content into audio shows...
  • Get listeners without paid ads or a list...
  • Give them access without funnels or webpages...
  • Automate nearly everything...
  • Use it to build your SMS list, emails & profit!

latasha mitchell

#1 Joint Venture Expert
"I was struggling to create a podcast for months. Turns out I didn't need one!"


Profitable Podcast Coach
"We use this system to build our lists and provide our trainings. Our clients use it too!"

Derek Smith

Certified Wim Hof Instructor
"What Carla is doing has been transformational, not only for me but for my clients."
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